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V²Future, is a leading business consultancy, sales and marketing outsourcing company focusing on the China-based enterprise and investors with a global business vision or those European companies aiming to develop business in China.



 - International Product Distribution

Master distributor of electronic products from top Chinese brands: 

Simtoo, DJI, YUNMAI, OAXIS and Ezviz



- Advertising Agency and Mobile Payment

Agency partner of Baidu, Tencent, T-mall and JD.com.

Online advertising - Baidu and Tencent

Outsourcing service include webshop setup - JD.com and T-mall

Online and mobile payment - Alipay and Wechat payment.


EZVIZ S1 Sports Camera is Open to Sale in EU by V2Future

EZVIZ S1Sports Camera is open to sale in EU by V2Future since October 1st 2015. Read more...


V2future Open to Sell DJI Phantom 3 UAV Drones in the Netherlands

V2Future is open to sell Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced with/without extra battery in the Netherlands. Meanwhile, other associated drones accessories are also available. Read more...


V2Future CEO Joined Holland Prime Minister on Trade Mission to China

From 24 to 29 March 2015, V2Future CEO Mr. Marion Fan joined Holland Prime Minister Mark Rutte paid a visit to China. Read more...


V2FUTURE Organized “2015 Yachting Shanghai ● the International Marine Festival” Promotion Event in Amsterdam

At 14:00, Mar. 13, 2015, V2Future organized the promotion event of “2015 Yachting Shanghai  ● the International Marine Festival in RAI center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Read more...


V2Future, the strategic partner of “2015 Yachting Shanghai• The International Marine EXPO”, promoted the first global press conference in Monaco

On 17th September 2014, V2Future and Shanghai Yuanzhou Cultural Communication Co. reached strategic consensus promoting “2015 Yachting Shanghai• The International Marine EXPO” together. Read more...


V2Future: Italian Partner DigiTouch holds China Online Marketing Conference

In June 4th, a China online marketing conference was held in Milan. Read more...


Ajax: V2Future supports Sengled as new Official Sponsor

Promoting cooperation by V2Future, their client Sengled optoelectronics group has become a cooperate Sponsorship of Ajax.Read more...


BSUR and V2Future start partnership to bridge between China and Europe

Baidu, the leading Chinese search engine, the first shared client. BSUR with offices in Amsterdam and Shanghai, and V2Future, with offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, London and Düsseldorf have agreed to join forces.Read more...


BAIDU.COM has authorised V2Future B.V. as its official reseller in European market

Since 14-Aug-2013, Baidu.com(Nasdaq:BIDU), the No.1 Internet search engine in China, has officially appointed V2Future B.V. as its authorized reseller in Europe. We are passionated and ready to help every European enterprise who is seeking greater exposure to 600 million Chinese Internet Users/consumers to promote their brand and product. For further cooperation discussion, please contact: info@v2future.com. Read more...



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We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client.


THE Baidu Paid-Search Authorized Reseller in Europe

Products and Services Offered:

  • Business advisory and consultancy & Inter-culture training program;
  • Sales and Marketing outsourcing;
  • Advisory (including market entry study, go-to-market strategy, transaction/HR services 
and M&A). read more

Unique Selling Points:

  • Experienced Chinese speaking sales/marketing professional with Multi-language skill; Extensive business network throughout main cities of Europe and China covering all major vertical sectors;
  • Customer-first spirit and fast response.

We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client.


With its service network covering all main economy hubs in Europe such as Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, Luxembourg, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, V²Future has all its elites with:

  • 6-15 years of overseas business management, client developing, sales and marketing experience in B2B industrial product, B2C consumer product and large-scale engineering projects.
  • Special insight knowlege in company establishing and restructuring, integrated marketing, direct/indirect sales, human resource management, M&A etc.
  • Extensive connection and well-maintained relationship with local industry associations, government sectors and officials, retail channel partners, diplomatic authorities and mass media.

We leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client.

Clients & Partners

V2Future is helping and/or cooperating with following brand/companies for their globalization ambition:


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